Logo design for Double Odds Fishing

Thought I’d share this new logo design with you, created for client Double Odds Fishing of Powell River. It was a pleasure working with Aaron & Shane Reid on this project.

Shane and his new deck hand, Austin, set out on their first shrimp fishing voyage last week on the CFV Double Odds. I’m looking forward to testing out the catch when they get back to Powell River! This just in on the Double Odds Facebook page from Aaron:

“Our local area is not open for shrimping again this season but our big payments dictate that the boat will be fishing so off to the Island Shane will go once we’ve taken care of a few more details.

“We will be offering sidestripe shrimp sales again this fall/winter but they will be dependent on when Shane comes home from the Island. So, when the post comes out – get them while the getting is good!

“Thank you for supporting your local fishermen!!!”

Check them out on Facebook and get in on some great local shrimp!

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