Where do I start?!

Your design or writing project starts with a problem.

Maybe you've been hearing complaints that your customers can't find you online (who uses phone books anymore?) Or maybe you're feeling stressed because you don't have time to do your company's new product brochure or annual report yourself. I can help with that.

My job is to come up with creative ideas that solve your problem. It’s all about effectively finding solutions that work for your own unique situation.

Many designers create documents or websites that look great as stand-alone projects. But my mission is to make certain that your document or website - first and foremost - achieves your goals. (While also looking awesome...)

It really is all about you!

 Print & web design services
  • website design & editing (WordPress, Wix)
  • newsletters (print and electronic)
  • logos
  • print & web graphics
  • rack cards
  • post cards
  • folding cards
  • business cards
  • calendars
  • brochures
  • reports
  • posters
  • advertising for magazines and newspapers
  • information sheets

Don't see your project on this list? Just ask!

Writing services
I also have a strong background in communication, with a journalism degree from Carleton University and 25 years of on-the-job writing experience. I've written and edited everything from multi-page corporate reports to display ad copy with only a few words, from punchy course descriptions to career advice articles. If you can’t be there in person, the written word must communicate your ideas for you. Clear and focused communication is absolutely critical in the age of information overload and short attention spans. My writing experience includes (but isn't limited to) projects such as:
  • newsletter content
  • media releases
  • copywriting
  • website copy
  • promotional letters & emails
  • original articles

I'm looking forward to speaking with you soon about your design or writing project!

What clients are saying

Our website needed a new design. Melany took the time to clarify our goals, work with our vision and provide a seamless transition to the new website. The result was a high-quality design that is both user-friendly and beautiful. Powell River is fortunate to have such local talent!

WordPress design for Powell River Hospice website
Anna Byrne, Powell River Hospice Society

Co-creating with Melany is a treat. For more than three years she has continually improved my websites and newsletters as well as designing layouts and covers for my books. She is a rare combination of helpful, efficient, and creative. Both her communication and design skills rate a gold star.

Tanis Helliwell. Author

I loved working with Melany. She was able to take my abstract ideas and translate them into a final product that  perfectly reflected my thinking. I have recommended her to friends and will definitely use her services again.

website design powell river bc
Maureen Mason, Consultant

One of several memorable projects Melany did for me was the design of the illustrated map for my book, “A Dream of Giants: The Story of the Sunshine Coast Trail.” I valued Melany’s professionalism, attention to detail, creative ideas, and talent in bringing this project from idea to conception. She consistently exceeds expectations, delivering a final product that is creative and unique.

Emma Levez Larocque, Author

Melany understands the big and small picture of design projects — the importance of style and impression along with the necessity of process and structure. She’s 100 percent reliable and inspired in both practical and artistic matters and, as a result, produces high quality work. Professional and personal, she is the best designer I’ve worked with locally and beyond, in 25 years of publishing.

Sandra Tonn, Powell River Public Library

Melany excels as a graphic artist because she has both process and product expertise. Her creativity and artistic talent are enormous but it is her relationship and communication ability that make it feel easy to get to the perfect design. I have rarely had such a seamless experience nor found someone who can capture my ideas and turn them into a creative, appealing design so rapidly. Melany will be my go to for future projects.

Alison Taplay, Vancouver Island University